Mission and History

In July 2002, a small group of Americans who spend time in Whistler, B.C. founded a U.S. non–profit organization called the American Friends of Whistler (AFOW). We’d like you to consider joining us.

Our mission is to work towards making Whistler a better community by involving Americans in local philanthropy and community affairs.

We believe that Whistler is an extraordinary place, and that by becoming involved philanthropically in the community, the community benefits, and AFOW members gain by becoming more closely associated with the local people and issues.

Specifically, we seek to raise and distribute funds for health and human services, culture and the arts, and environmental protection in Whistler, to enhance the community, benefit the population and foster greater understanding and friendship between the Canadian and American people.

As a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) charitable non–profit organization incorporated in Washington State, the American Friends of Whistler has, since July 2002, raised over $2 million from American second homeowners and frequent visitors to Whistler.  That money has in turn been granted to a broad spectrum of Whistler-based charities and non-profits.

Since AFOW is a U.S. non–profit organization, Americans who donate receive a U.S. charitable tax deduction. Your donation to the Whistler community is as simple as a donation to your local community.McColm-WB-star-trail2