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Whistler Search and Rescue “Wine’d Up”

American Friends of Whistler has been a strong supporter of Whistler Search and Rescue.  One of the hot tickets in town is for the organization’s biggest annual fund raising event, Wine’d Up.

Tickets for this October 13 event at Dusty’s go on sale September 1.  They can be purchased by calling the WB reservations line at 1-800-766-0449.  Last year tickets party sold out in just eight days…

WSAR celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.  More information in Pique and Question.

Ten Years, $1M Strong

Pique published an informative article on July 5 highlighting the 10th anniversary of AFOW.

“The Whistler community would be roughly one million dollars poorer if not for its American friends.

Those friends care about the community so much they’ve been working to make it a better place for years.

That credo is at the heart of the American Friends of Whistler (AFOW), a U.S. non-profit organization that is celebrating its 10-year milestone this month.”

A founding board member, Bill Kunzweiler, commented:

“I don’t think anybody had that expectation,” he said, of raising $1 million in the last decade.

“Where I think it’s been most valuable is it exposed Americans to the inner workings of the community, some of the needs of the community, and it’s been a conduit for Americans to have a positive impact on the community.”